How effective the Outdoor sunscreen is while being Alfresco

The Outdoor sunscreen available from Alfresco Blinds company is an appropriate solution for Outdoor sunscreen both for home and businesses. This Outdoor sunscreen protects from UV rays, rain and winds. The insects and airborne debris are also covered under this Outdoor sunscreen by alfresco blinds. The z-Lock technology offers these protections.

The Outdoor sunscreen blinds make all weather entertainment possible, whether be it motorised or manual.

Zipscreen blinds is applicable anywhere for Outdoor sunscreen operation. Whether be it insect, wind, rain or sun. This treatment is usable irrespective of pergola blinds, external roll blinds for windows and even in square areas.

Various alternative like blockout screen, mesh fabric are available, out of which the suitable Outdoor sunscreen may be opted. It allows extreme privacy.

Zipscreen blinds may be opted for areas upto 5 metres and New Zipscreen Extreme system may be chosen for areas upto 7 metres. The latter is designed for large residential areas or for commercial usage.

These products are highly suited to the climate of Melbourne and too smooth for usage.

Among the various Outdoor sunscreen available with Alfresco blinds, the Zipscreen extreme has double locking channel system. It can be operated both manually and by remote control. Both are customized to fit perfectly ensuring the correct tension. Sophistication and style is also taken care of.

The features include : a) Span upto 7 metres; b) easy to handle; c) wind rate is high; d) Without rope and pulley ensuring no flap; e) zips are hidden within the channels to provide clear finish; f) can be operated both manually and remotely; g) a bottom strip to reduce gaps at the bottom of the frame; h) flat weight bars in various designs; i) z-Lock function that maintains no-gap situation between the fabric screen and side channels. Secured guided movement is provided that won’t blow out in the wind.; h) An integrated feeding funnel and hidden top stop, making blind stop at the highest point.