Sunscreen blinds – the best to choose from

Sunscreen blinds as offered by Alfresco is one of its kind. They say Sunscreen blinds are becoming one of the most popular window furnishing to hit the market.  They allow having the blind down without totally darkening the room outside views are still available. Harsh sunlight is filtered and help to reduce heat and glare.

There are many different prices on the market for these blinds in Sunscreen blinds as offered by Alfresco, so how does the customer know what they are getting? The following is a guideline. It is too made sure that the fabric is a high quality.  There are some nasty cheap imported fabrics that are coming in from Asia; the price is well below what most retailers are offering. Good quality fabrics for Sunscreen Blinds are imported from either America or Europe.

The quality of the fabric is determined by the composition – Sunscreen fabric that is PVC or 100% polyester will deteriorate. It is a fabric having high percentage of Vinyl with a Polyester coat to strengthen the fabric.

Make sure that the blinds are custom made from scratch and are not a ready made imported blind, that is just cut down to your size.

The warranty offered is really not a major issue, 12 months is more than adequate, as with any roller type blind, if there is a fault with the fabric, workmanship or parts, these will be detected within that period. A well made blind should give you many years of use, as long as it is not mistreated and operating instructions offered by the retailer, are followed carefully.

Sunscreen blinds as offered by Alfresco advice that each color has different levels of transparency, the darker the color the clearer seen from outside. The lighter the color the least transparent it will be. This is caused by the amount of light that is absorbed by the color e.g.; Black absorbs the light allowing you to see clearly through it, white retracts the light creating a slight glare and giving you less transparency. As the darker colors absorb the light they will also retain a little more heat than the lighter colors.