Transform Bistros with Ziptrak Café Blinds

Alfresco Blinds deals with Ziptrak Cafe Blinds. These blinds are both available in traditional and stylish form. They provide a good functionality too. These blinds are one of the most cost-effective means for transforming and protecting the outdoor decor.

These Ziptrak Cafe Blinds are sturdy by nature and they are operated by using ‘Rope and Pulley’ system. These systems allow for easy pull and push affair. Cafe zipper blinds provide a weather barrier that will never obstruct the view. An extended flap at the bottom of the blind will further reduce wind and rain penetration to practically zero. It ensures providing highest protection against the harsh Aussie elements. Complete customised solutions are also offered with blinds fitting any space perfectly. These blinds are also designed with built-in doorways to create a convenient opening from the outdoor space to garden or lawn area without having to roll up a wide section of the blind. These blinds are, of course, made with the no-compromising quality range of materials.

The Ziptrak Cafe Blinds designed and installed by Alfresco Blinds are available in clear or tinted PVC besides shade weave materials. They are also acquirable in a variety of colours to match building exterior or existing outdoor furniture. Shade weave allows air to pass, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to maintain airflow in their outdoor space whilst achieving protection from the elements. These blinds are the ultimate cost effective solution for all alfresco areas. They are unique to enclose and enjoy all the outdoor space throughout the year without the fear of wind or rain or any other natural elements to ruin plans.


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